Catherine McCavanagh

I am a stylist and personal shopper available to help you as little or as much as you would like. Over the years, as requests for my fashion advice expanded beyond my circle of friends, I noticed a real need for a service that helped woman, and men, build wardrobes that were stress-free, modern, and fashionable. I started The Honest Eye to help people cure their closets and simplify their lives. My aesthetic is “effortless” — not trying too hard, but at the same time standing out in a crowd. I appreciate wearable, chic clothing, and I don’t like looking just like everyone else in town.

I am drawn to a classic, New England style, but I acknowledge the importance of shaking it up a bit. I believe in spending money on classic pieces that you can wear for years, or decades, but all the while peppering the look with a fun trend. My eye looks for style, not fashion. To me it doesn’t matter which designer someone is wearing, I notice if someone looks good in their clothes and if their clothing suits their body, face, coloring, and age. My motto is “It’s better to be seen than to be noticed”.

Depending on your preference, you can be as involved as much or as little as you would like.

Most people think of hiring a personal stylist as something only the wealthy can do, but I am here to shake that stigma. Whether you are on a TJ Maxx or a Saks Fifth Avenue budget, I can help you get to where you want to be. And, I can save you money by eliminating impulse buying and leaving you with a concise closet stocked with mix and match pieces that you love and that are flattering to your specific body type.

Let me be your shopping cohort, and together we can turn you into a
new, revitalized version of yourself!


What type of budget do I need?
I have worked with shopping budgets ranging from $300 to “sky’s the limit.”

Why would I use a personal shopper when department stores provide the same services?
Department store services are limited to what happens in a single store. I work in conjunction with in store sales associates and shoppers. Our span reaches outside the store to help you build a complete wardrobe. I take a full experience consulting approach, building an ongoing relationship to ensure your needs are met.

How can a personal shopper save me money?
A personal shopper will help you build a cohesive wardrobe and invest in pieces you will actually wear! By planning and approaching your needs in a thoughtful and organized manner, a personal shopper will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Photo by Kelly Gorra Photography