Closet Cleanout

One of my more popular services is my ‘Closet Cleanout’. It involves going to a client’s home, working with their existing wardrobe by keeping what I like and weeding out what I don’t. At the end of the (2.5-3 hour) service I put together outfits with what is left. I take photos of these outfits and email them to the client so they may refer to them in the future. Below are examples from a recent closet cleanout. After consulting with the client about what she wanted to get out of the service, we deduced that she needed outfits that could feel pulled together and stylish, all while keeping her warm during our New England winters. She recently moved here from California and quickly realized her flimsy tees weren’t going to cut it. I told her that layering was key.

I think I was able to put together her pieces in ways that were out of her typical comfort zone, while using her pieces in ways that may have never occurred to her.

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