Closet Analysis and Cleanse $100/hour (2 hour min)

closetDo you find yourself staring into your closet and haven’t a clue as to where to begin? You need an un-biased eye to come in and weed out what works and what doesn’t. It feels so liberating to have a concise closet to work from and only have things in it that you will actually wear. I will have you try on everything and I will decide what can stay and what should be donated to either a friend, to charity, or to a local consignment shop. Often times an article of clothing is not working because it does not fit correctly. If it is worth keeping it can be taken to one of my favorite tailors and turned into a piece that can be put to good use. From there we can set up a plan as to what you need to purchase in order to make good use of what you already have. I will also put together outfits with the ‘keepers’ and take a photo in which you can refer to when I am not there. You can then use myself as your personal shopper to shop for new items, or use my list to go out on your own.

Styling & Personal Shopping $150/hour

If you decide to join me, I will teach you valuable skills about what you should be looking for depending on your body type, as well as what colors work best for your coloring.  If you have a tight schedule, or if you just plain don’t like shopping, I will be happy to shop for you and deliver the goods straight to your home or office. Whatever doesn’t work, I will return or exchange for a different size. Whatever items the two of us agree upon aren’t perfect, are simply taken away. Are your children starting school and in need of a new back-to-school wardrobe? Or are there current clothes looking tired and not-so-cute anymore? Being a mother of two small children, I know what stores work, and what stores don’t. Let me make your kids shine and feel special in what they’re wearing.

Special Event Shopping $150/hourbracelets

Stressing over what to wear to an upcoming event? I will help you to feel appropriate and fabulous for the special day or night. I will consult with you on the phone regarding the event, your likes and dislikes, and your budget. Based on the information you provide, I will decide the appropriate shopping destination(s) and will often call ahead to have items pulled for you in your size. We will then work together to find the perfect outfit for your big day.

Bridal Party Sweddingshoeshopping $150/hour

Having a tough time figuring out what your bridal party should wear? So many different body types, ages, and opinions? Let me take the needless stress off your plate and be the voice for you. We can chat beforehand about your vision (if you have one) and from there I can pick what store we should target and we can make a fun day out of it! The wedding party will join and we can try on until we find a suitable fit. I will go to the stores beforehand and select a grouping of dresses that I feel are a fit with our vision.

Gift Shopping $150/hour

I know it can be difficult and time-consuming to find a great gift, be it for your mate, your family member or your boss. Let me take the burden off your hands! I know what’s on the shelves, and can come up with great gift ideas for any person in your life.

Online Shopping $175 (includes a 30 minute consultation & approximately 20 clothing recommendations)

Are you interested in shaking things up in your wardrobe a bit, but aren’t ready to commit to the idea of a personal shopper? If so, this is the service for you. You and I will meet either at your home, at a coffee shop, wherever, and we can discuss the direction you want to go in as well as touch about your body type, problem areas, price points, and anything else that is pertinent. From there I will scour all of my favorite sites and choose pieces that I think will work for you. I will then send you a customized collection which will include links to these pieces. Ideally I will push you out of your comfort zone a bit and will turn you on to some new brands and clothing silhouettes.

The Honest Membership $1200/year


1 Closet Analysis and Cleanse

8 visits by me to your home with 2 outfit options each visit plus accessories. You can call on me on an ‘as needed’ basis, explain to me what you are looking for (for example, a friends wedding or date night with your wife or husband) and I will get to work finding you the perfect outfit for the occasion. I will bring 2 different options each visit so that we can chose which looks best.